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About Qualifications

Being at a vocational school gives you the time you need to prepare yourself in order to make your dreams come true.
Research which qualifications are required for your dream jobs, and which qualifications will be useful, before selecting the right course for you.


During the course there will be many opportunities to show your abilities for you to shine providing support for a broad range of companies and organizations. You will also acquire useful knowledge and techniques to advance your career in the future.

• The Official Business Skill Test in Bookkeeping Grade 1-3/ The Japan Association of Accounting Education’s License Examination on Book-keeping (Advanced - Grade 3) • The Business Skill Test in Japanese Document Processing • The Business Skill Test • Retail Consultant

Civil Servant

This is a job you will find both rewarding and satisfying, as you will be working for the public welfare. The high level of public confidence that civil servants enjoy and the relative stability of public sector jobs in economically uncertain times, are also attractions.

• Administration: Civil service administration and tax services (national public employees); administration in local authorities, educational institutes and police(local public employee) • Engineering: Electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, chemical, building, agricultural and other fields • Public Safety: Police, fire department, self-defence force, etc.


Highly skilled individuals with nationally recognised qualifications are very attractive to hospitals, as well as private medical companies.

• Physical therapists • Occupational therapists • Medical Secretarial Proficiency Test • Dental hygienists • Dental technicians • Dental assistants • Orthoptists • Judo healing practitioners • Masseurs • Acupuncturists • Moxibustionists


In the ageing society we live in, the current high demand for people with welfare-related skills will only increase. There are many specialist areas within the welfare sector, each requiring a specific skill-set, and each worker can justifiably take pride in their role..

• Care workers • Social welfare officers • Home care worker Grade 1 - 3 • Recreation Instructors

Hotel Business/Tourism/Languages

In the hotel industry, people with event management skills are in high demand as well as workers with good customer service skills. In the tourism industry, planning ability is critical. Candidates with a strong command of languages will have plenty of opportunities, not only in tourism but also in education and many other fields.

• Hotelier Proficiency Test • National Trade Skill Test for the Restaurant Service • Certified Travel Supervisors/Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisors • Travel Geography Test • TOEIC/TOEFL • Tourism English Proficiency Test • The AXESS Proficiency Examination • IATA Diploma • Assistant Bridal Coordinators

Childcare/Sports/Physical Training

As the number of working women increases, there is an increasing demand for childcare workers with child-minding skills. Public awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle has also led to more and more opportunities for people with knowledge of sports and physical training.

• Childminders • Kindergarten Teacher's License Type 2 • Child Welfare Instructor Grade 2 • Recreation Instructors • Athletic Trainers • Health Fitness Instructors • Health Fitness Instructors

Computing/Electrical and Electronics

Computers are now an essential part of our daily lives, and system and information engineers play a crucial role in running the global computer network. The demand for engineers who are specialized in the field of electrics and electronics f - one of Japan's most important industries - is growing rapidly.

• Software Design & Development Engineer Examination • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination • Systems Administrator Examination • Information Processing Application Proficiency Test • Microcomputer Application Systems Design Engineer Examination • CAD engineer examination by CSAJ • Computer Graphic Engineers • Multimedia License Examination • Chief Telecommunications Engineers • Network Systems Engineer Examination

Architecture/Civil Engineering

You will be supporting society by creating critically important structures, including buildings and bridges. Working with the most cutting edge construction technology Japan has to offer will be a fascinating and exciting experience for anyone studying the subject, or entering the industry.

• Qualified Surveyors • Architects (1st - 2nd class) • Geological Surveyors • Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineers (1st - 2nd class) • Real Estate Transaction Specialists • Interior Coordinators • Housing Environment Coordinators for Elderly and Disabled People

Mechanics (Automobile/Aircraft)

You will be providing a valuable contribution to society by working in the transport industry, including the aerospace sector. Engineers will have the opportunity to work for automobile and electronics manufacturers. Working with some of the most state-of-the-art technology in the world will be a rich and stimulating experience for you.

• Class 2 Gasoline/Diesel Automobile Mechanic License • Class 2 Motorcycle Mechanic License • Class 1 Small Automobile Mechanic License • Automobile Body Mechanics • Class B Hazardous Materials Officer License • 2nd Class Aircraft Line Maintenance Technicians • Flight Radiotelephone Operators • Special Radio Operators • Forklift Operators

Culinary and Confectionery Arts

The ever-increasing global appetite for gourmet cuisine has led to chefs and patissiers with innovative fresh ideas being more and more in demand. A similar rise in the public’s awareness of physical health issues, and an interest in wellbeing, has created a rapidly expanding market for experts in nutritional science.

• Certified Chefs • Confectionery Hygiene Masters • Expert Chefs • Certified Expert Chefs • Certified Patissiers • Certified Bakers • Food Analyst Test • Cafe Planners


Young people entering this industry will have many opportunities, where an understanding and appreciation of the latest trends, and precise technical skills are required. A combination of these abilities can grant you access to the beauty and media industries.

• Barbers • Hairdressers • Fashion Coordination Color Performance Test • Certified Manicurists • Certified Aromatherapist • ICAM JAPAN License (Manicure, general beauty treatments, etc.) • Assistant Bridal Coordinator


This is an industry where your sense of style and intuition are your strongest assets. There are many opportunities for graduates, from providing lifestyle suggestions to dressmaking. This industry is also very open to young talent.

• Fashion Business Ability Test • Pattern Making Technique Test • Fashion Retail Consultant Test • Dressmaking Technique Test • Japanese Dressmaking Technique Test • Retail Consultant Test • Fashion Coordination Color Performance Test


In these fields, you are required to convey your thoughts and visions through the creative process. Good sense and originality are requisite qualities. Perhaps the greatest reward of jobs in these industries is to be able to communicate with many people through your creations.

• Interior Coordinators • Interior Planners • Lettering Technique Test • CG Creator Test • DTP Test • Certified Sound Recording Technicians • Certified Stage Sound Technicians

Animal Care/Plant Care and Forestal Management

Pets are an important part of the family. The demand for businesses and skilled practitioners in the field of animal care is higher than ever The urbanisation of society has now led to many city dwellers wanting to have more green spaces and flowers, leading to higher demand for those able to provide expert advice on plant care and management

•  Veterinary Technicians • Pet Breeding Managers • Pet Groomers • JKC Assistant Trainers • Flower Arrangement Experts • Flower Designing License Test • Forest Instructors

Job hunting information

The key to successful job hunting is to start early and to make sure you do sufficient research. It is also useful to know how to do well in interviews, which are required for most jobs, as well as in written exams for which it is worth preparing. I wish you success in obtaining an (unofficial) job offer from your first choice of company and suggest you make the most of all the facilities available to you such as your careers center at school.

Written Exam Strategies

  • Point. 1 Complete a workbook from the first page to the last.
  • Point. 2 Improve your reading comprehension skills in addition to your communication skills.
  • Point. 3 Get used to answering questions by practice answering them repeatedly.

Interview Strategies

  • Point. 1 Clarify your reasons for wanting to work in Japan.
  • Point. 2 Speak clearly, slowly, and politely.
  • Point. 3 Be attentive to your manners and use honorifics.