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International Student Interview

  • 01 Graduate of Sendai School of Digital Arts
    Employed with Shokuiku Co., Ltd.
    NGUYEN THI HUYHN LIEN 【From Vietnam】

    I love living in Sendai. My job is to procure the ingredients for school lunches for kindergarten kids. It makes me really happy when they say "This was delicious." I hope that some time in the future I will be able to serve the same kind of school lunch also to children in Vietnam.

  • 02 Second-year student at Tohoku Computer College HOANG HUU HA 【From Vietnam】

    After the lessons I like to get together with other international students for conversations in Japanese. The winter is a little chilly for me, but living in Sendai is comfortable. I will do my best to find employment in Japan.

  • 03 Second-year student at Tohoku Computer College ASGHAR SAHAR 【From Pakistan】

    I expect to join my dad's business in the future. I would also like to open a Japanese language school in Pakistan to help people succeed who come from Pakistan to Japan.

  • 04 Second-year student at Tohoku Computer College HETTIARACHI BRAYAN SHELAN 【From Sri Lanka】

    When I arrive at school and see the smiling faces of instructors and friends it lets me forget the hard part of studying abroad. My dream is to find international work that promotes relations between Sri Lanka and Japan.

  • 05 Second-year student at Tohoku Computer College LIU WEIWEI 【From China】

    I am studying the know-how that has been supporting Japan's economic development and the value preferences and business customs, etc., of people in Japan.
    Living in Sendai and Miyagi is easy. In future, I would like to do work in Japan related to international trade.

  • 06 Graduate of Tohoku Computer College Employed with Yoshikawa Unyu Co., Ltd. BHANDARI MADAN 【From Nepal】

    My job is to manage the procurement, shipment, and inventories of foodstuff for delivery to large supermarkets. When I found with the first customer that communication went well, it has made my work so rewarding. My dream for the future is to have my own company.

  • 07 Graduate of Tohoku Computer College Employed with the Embassy of Thailand NUTHAPON DAMRONGRATNUWONG 【From Thailand】

    My job is to provide information and business support for promoting the industrial cooperation between Japan and Thailand. I would like to serve as a conduit between Japan and Thailand, using my experience gathered to date, to contribute as much as possible to the economic advancement of both countries.

  • 08 Second-year student at Tohoku Computer College MAHARJAM RINA 【From Nepal】

    Sendai is a truly beautiful city. At school all instructors and students are very friendly. In future, I would like to use my knowledge of Japanese to become a Japanese language instructor.

  • 09 Graduate of Tohoku Computer College Employed with Hokushu Co., Ltd. CAO HE 【From China】

    I have studied accounting at a university in China and architecture in Sendai. Currently my job is to calculated the cost of housing at a housing construction company. If you are studying in Japan and are hoping to find employment, have faith in yourself. And it is also important to have a dream for the future.