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Studying in Miyagi Prefecture

Tohoku Foreign Language & Tourism College
Second-year student at the International Tourism Department,
International Travel Course

PLAZA ROJAS LORENA NATALI, In the future, I would like to do my best working across borders in an international cooperative effort.

I lived in Japan from age 6 until middle school.
Out of this experience the question arose whether Japan as an industrialized country might be able to invigorate the international cooperation with developing countries and whether there was a way to get people in Japan take a closer look at the world. This is why I came to study abroad at this school. Through my school attendance as well as student jobs and volunteer activities I learned about Japanese customs and culture. In the future, I would like to join an organization engaged in international cooperation and help resolve social issues in Latin America, including in my country. I frequently go traveling with friends. Traveling is not only enjoyable but I also learn a lot.

When at a cross-roads in life and in doubt, ask your heart. The answer resides always in oneself.

From an interview with an instructor.

Coming all the way from Chile to Sendai for study is really praiseworthy. Ms. Rojas is a hard worker and has passed the examination for travel operators in Japan. She is a role model to her classmates.

My favorite accessory

I make efforts to participate in a variety of events, plan my schedule for volunteer activities, and create opportunities that lead to new encounters and experiences. In my appointment book I put down not only my schedule but I can also make notes immediately when I learn something interesting. This is why I find my appointment book so useful.