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Working in Miyagi Prefecture

Graduate of the International Information Business Department of Sendai School of Digital Arts By school referral employed with Geora Co., Ltd.

LIN SEN. I am making every effort to live up to the profound goodwill and the expectations of our company president.

The Company gave me student jobs during the whole time while I was enrolled at the Japanese language school and the Vocational School.While I was trying to balance school and work, everyone, the president and the employees, showed a lot of appreciation for my situation. I am very grateful that I was able to find employment here. Currently my job involves the administration of production and sales data for processed food. I am using the Excel spreadsheet skills that I acquired during my time at the Vocational School. My goal is to gain experience through this work and at some point in the future become an entrepreneur in Japan like the president of the Company. A company guidance lecture was held for international students.

Everything is possible if you have the will to accomplish it. Your dreams will come true if you strive.

We interviewed a supervisor.

His diligence is about to become a model for other employees. He has a good sense of communication with work colleagues, superiors, and subordinates, and is successful in doing his duty as an organization member. I hope that he will aim for a managerial position

My favorite accessory

Three months ago I got my driver's license after about a half-year of studying for the test. This is my beloved car, which I took over from my Chinese supervisor. I use the car for commuting, and safe driving is always on my mind.